helping kids grab hold of an education through soccer




If you can get the students to come to and stay in school, we can get them educated.

This was the message from Principal Chavez of Swegle Elementary School in 2010. 

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GRASSP is an after school program aimed at engaging at-risk students in elementary schools. Through soccer, students learn weekly life skills such as fair play, teamwork, discipline, and leadership.  The program has grown to seven elementary schools in the Salem-Keizer School District since its beginnings in 2010. 

GRASSP is a collaboration between a large number of organizations including Salem Leadership Foundation, Calvary Chapel, Capital Futbol Club, and several other local churches. Local churches adopt each school and provide volunteer coaches and mentors to engage students in the school on a weekly basis. 


Auburn Elementary

Partner: Calvary Chapel Salem

Chavez Elementary

Partner: New Hope Foursquare

Four Corners Elementary

Partner: Capital Futbol Club

Richmond Elementary

Partner: Outward Church


Partner: Salem Alliance Church


Partner: New Harvest Church

Scott Elementary

Partner: Calvary Chapel Salem

Swegle Elementary

Partner: Calvary Chapel Salem

Washington Elementary

Partner: Salem First Free Methodist

Hoover Elementary

Partner: Calvary Chapel Salem